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The Laxfield Herd was established by David Smith in the Suffolk village of Laxfield in 1972 with the purchase of five cows from Cmdr Burnell-Nugent. The renowned sire Rowington Valerian was purchased soon after from Mr M.D Powell of Glynclawdd Herefords.

Every animal shown at Hereford by M.D Powell sired by Valerian was a prize winner and his first calf for David Smith (Laxfield Bernard) was champion at the 1976 March Show and Sale in Hereford. Further female lines were soon added notably the Diadem, Kate, Virtue, Marigold and Silk lines with particular attention being paid to the background breeding of the cattle.

In 1977 the herd moved to its present day home at Blaenffynnon, Talog. Over the years the herd has developed a reputation for producing cattle which go on to perform for their owners.


The herd is Breed Plan recorded.

Laxfield Jubilee at 17 months of age

Health Status

Laxfield Herefords were one of the first herds in Wales to achieve BVD and Johnes Accredited Status under the SAC Premium Health Scheme. Females are also vaccinated for Lepto.

Laxfield Columbo at 4 months of age by Laxfield Jubilee ex Laxfield Countess 3rd.

Laxfield Kate 134th at 4 months of age by Laxfield Jubilee ex Laxfield Kate 72nd.

Laxfield Wilberforce at 7 months by Lawford Wellington ex Silk 32nd

Laxfield Diadem 112th at 5 months by Heritage Benjamin ex Diadem 37th

Herd Awards

  • Dyfed Hereford Breeders Herd of the Year2018
  • Dyfed Hereford Breeders Herd of the Year2017 - Runner Up
  • Dyfed Hereford Breeders Herd of the Year2016
  • Welsh Herd of the Year2016 - Runner Up
  • Welsh Herd of the Year2012
  • Dovecote Park Welsh Suckler Herd of the Year2003 – Runner Up

Current Stock For Sale

A good selection of bulls, by our top sires, that are suitable for pedigree, commercial beef or dairy are usually available all year round.

Traditional bulls are occasionally available.

Hereford females of all ages, with impeccable pedigrees and a reputation for producing top-quality stock are usually available for sale.

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