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  Bulls / Sires

Four recent sires used are Beresford, Triumph, Union Jack and Wellington who all carry the blood of Brook Finalist, a bull we believe has had a tremendous influence on the breed over the last 20 years.

Prominent Sires

Rowington Valerian
Sire of March 1976 Champion Bull at Hereford.  He had previously sired the Champion Heifer at Hereford and Royal Welsh for M D Powell.  This bull established the type of cattle we planned to breed, transmitting tremendous bone, correct hind leg construction, good heads and a deep rich colour to all his calves.

Wenlock Galway
Sire of Junior Female Champion at Royal Show.  Galway improved the muscling of the cattle and maintained the good heads and dark colour.

Wenlock Garfield
The second heaviest bull on the last Weight Record Test held at Ingon. Garfield increased the overall length and scale of the cattle.  Sire of Laxfield Gulliver, Champion at Pembrokeshire when only 11 months old.

Badlingham Beresford
1st prize winner two years running at the National Hereford Show.  He further increased the scale of the cattle and improved hindquarters and loins on our stock.


Mara Triumph

Mara Triumph

Junior Male Champion National Hereford Show.  He further increased the length of our cattle whilst maintaining the good hindquarters and dark colour.

Brilon Dick - A son of Free Town Klondyke out of the Cheyney British Beauty female line. 

Badlingham Bacardi
He maintained the consistent type we had been aiming for.  Bacardi 1st prize at Suffolk.

Haven Union Jack – Only used for two seasons after proving to be a highly successful sire for Messrs Spooners. He produced some excellent cattle with plenty of growth and shape.

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Sires used in 2012 include...

Lawford Wellington

2013 will be Wellington's last rear of calves. He stamps all his progeny with exceptional conformation. Pedigree Hereford steers by him regularly grade U3L.

Laxfield Timpanist

He contains three of the greatest female lines in the breed close up in his pedigree. Namely, the Lady Linda's of Rowington, Blossom's of Badlingham and the Model's of Sherlow. Timpanist shows signs of being a very important sire on the look and performance of his first rear of calves.

Suitable for pedigree, commercial beef or dairy

Timpanist has been used for two seasons in our herd and has transmitted his excellent colour, length and growth to his calves, together with easy calving. Over 50 calves have been born with the birth weight of heifers averaging 39.2 kg and bulls 43.3 kg. This is an excellent opportunity to acquire the genetics of one of the top young sires in the breed. Breed plan figures available.



Laxfield Jordan

He worked constantly from the age of 17 months to 32 months, which unsurprisingly took a toll on his condition. He has since started to grow into the excellent bull his early promise suggested. Sire of 2012's standout bull calf
Laxfield Jordan aged 8 months.

Pulham Hercules

He was Champion of the Royal Norfolk Show in 2012 at the age of 17 months. From the famous Badlingham Blossom female line.

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