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  A good selection of bulls by top sires which are suitable for pedigree, commercial beef, or to run with dairy females are usually available all year round.

A few traditional bulls are occasionally available.

Also available are bulls sired by traditional bulls but out of non-traditional cows which make excellent cattle.

  Females of all ages are usually available for sale with impeccable pedigrees and a reputation for producing top quality stock.

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Suitable for pedigree, commercial beef or dairy

Laxfield Timpanist has been used for two seasons in our herd and has transmitted his excellent colour, length and growth to his calves, together with easy calving. 

Over 50 calves have been born with the birth weight of heifers averaging 39.2 kg and bulls 43.3 kg.

This is an excellent opportunity to acquire the genetics of one of the top young sires in the breed.

Breed plan figures available.

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  Stock for Sale    
  Award winning stock available in Carmarthen (South Wales) BVD & Johnes Accredited
SAC Premium Health Scheme Herd