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Suitable for pedigree, commercial beef or dairy

A good selection of bulls, by our top sires, that are suitable for pedigree, commercial beef or dairy are usually available all year round.

Traditional bulls are occasionally available.

Hereford females of all ages, with impeccable pedigrees and a reputation for producing top-quality stock are usually available for sale.

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Stock For Sale

Laxfield Kate 139th

Registration No. UK740187 400780
D.O.B. 21/05/2017
Sire Laxfield Timpanist
Dam Laxfield Kate 108th

A very correct strong-boned daughter of Laxfield Timpanist out of one of our best breeding cows.

Laxfield Silk 59th

Registration No. UK740187 700748
D.O.B. 22/03/2017
Sire Laxfield Bombshell
Dam Laxfield Silk 54th

A sweet heifer from the renowned Hampton Court Silk female line with excellent conformation and a lovely dark colour.

Laxfield Spark 110th

Registration No. UK740187 100763
D.O.B. 03/04/2017
Sire Laxfield Bombshell
Dam Laxfield Spark 104th

A long, dark daughter of Laxfield Bombshell who did a good job for us. Her dam is a big daughter of Laxfield Timpanist.

Laxfield Diadem 139th

Registration No. UK740187 100756
D.O.B. 29/03/2017
Sire Pulham Hercules
Dam Laxfield Diadem 83rd

A smart daughter of Pulham Hercules. Her dam sired by Mara Triumph, Junior Champion National Hereford Show 2000.

Laxfield Jasper

Registration No. UK740187 200785
D.O.B. 27/10/2017
Sire Laxfield Jouster
Dam Laxfield Julia 4th

A strong-boned young bull with exceptional spring of rib and loin muscle development. A maternal half-brother to Laxfield Jefferson and Laxfield Julian both in pedigree herds.

Laxfield Diadem 146th

Registration No. UK740187 300800
D.O.B. 23/03/2018
Sire Laxfield Timpanist
Dam Laxfield Diadem 77th

Photo at 17 months. A smart daughter of Laxfield Timpanist. Her full sister has been retained.

Laxfield Sexton (AI)

Registration No. UK740187 300793
D.O.B. 19/03/2018
Sire Rathcor Ranger
Dam Laxfield Spark 97th

Photo at 16 months. A big framed son of the Irish Breed Improvement Scheme bull, Rathcor Ranger.

Laxfield Columbo

Registration No. UK740187 500809
D.O.B. 29/03/2018
Sire Laxfield Jubilee
Dam Laxfield Countess 3rd

Photo at 16 months. A correct son of Laxfield Jubilee with good growth and conformation.

Laxfield Springsteen (AI)

Registration No. UK740187 300786
D.O.B. 24/01/2018
Sire Weston Topper
Dam Laxfield Spark 105th

Photo at 18 months. A long dark son of Weston Topper with excellent muscling. Very easy calving. Has been used.

Laxfield Clifford

Registration No. UK740187 100819
D.O.B. 21/04/2018
Sire Laxfield Jubilee
Dam Laxfield Clara 15th

Photo at 15 months. Another correct well fleshed son of Laxfield Jubilee with excellent calving figures.